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From the Vosges mountains in France, Celtic Prestige is a true gift of nature and the most perfect companion to winesTo accompany any meal, this pure water refreshes and leaves the palate clean for optimal enjoyment of the finest wines.


Celtic has a clean, crisp taste.
Sodium-free, with the ideal mineral content - a good water has 300 mg/L or less - Celtic has 50 mg/L.
The prime pH of water is between 7 and 8. Celtic has 7.5.


Elegant and fancy, the design of this bottle has been chosen to create modern elegance and pleasure when dining.

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UNESCO classified


For 2000 years, Celtic natural spring water has been flowing through the French «Vosges du Nord», a Unesco classified «Worldwide Biosphere Natural Reserve». 

A slow filtration of rain water through successive layers of sandstone, creates the perfect balance of minerals and one of the purest sodium-free spring waters available.


Best companion to wine:

- Fine dining

- Cocktails

- Events

16.9 fl.oz

33.8 fl.oz

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